Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4800 Block of North Hoyne

I love our neighborhood.

This is a new-found love that comes with having children, I think. I mean, I've always liked where we live, but now that Oliver's in the picture, we find ourselves fraternizing with our neighbors much more -- and really enjoying getting to know everyone. We especially love all the diversity -- Cambodian kids next door, Indian nanny, Guatamalan girl whose mother owns a Mediteranean restaurant around the corner on Lawrence Ave.

Not to equate Oliver to a dog, but I feel like a "dog person," experiencing the attention and camaraderie that comes with having a dog around. We're becoming more and more involved with all the kids in our neighborhood (even though there's nobody quite Oliver's age). It reminds me of when I was a kid running around with all the neighbor kids -- really good memories. Of course, we have city-issues to contend with -- like traffic (we're petitioning the city for speedbumps at least) and having only a sliver of a berm and a stretch of sidewalk on which to play. But all in all, it feels like community and feels like home.

Every afternoon (after school, I presume) all the kids get together and hang out on the sidewalk to play -- with a good handful of parents keeping an eye. Even our nanny (Pushpa) spends her free time out there with all the kids. Yesterday afternoon I was on my way to the grocery store (actually just Chuy's, the somewhat-pathetic corner market) and was waylaid by the gathering, put down our blanket (still in my backpack from Stroller Strides) and proceeded to hang out til nearly dark.

Oliver loves to watch the other kids. He sometimes gets a little overwhelmed, but it's all good fun. Toys are discouraged, though, because of the issues that come with "sharing" among so many kids.

We are really trying to savor these last days of summer. Can't believe next year he'll be running around with the lot of them.


Eric said...

I think that Chuy's is not pathetic, but very convenient, especially in a pinch. I miss the other grocery that was accross the street with the 25 cent butter cookies.

BurchCo said...

Chuy's is not technically a "corner market" either since it's mid-block on Damen, and I'll give you that it will do the trick in a pinch, but it still qualifies as "pathetic" if you ask me. No complaints about all the taco fixin's one could want for under $5, though. Damn you, Chuy!

mrsjtg said...

We used to live near a DRIVE THRU convenience store in FL. Those stores were the bomb! Who wouldn't love that? Your neighborhood sounds really cool! We have some great neighbors this time around, too. Thank makes all the difference. Got any good babysitters near by?