Friday, November 7, 2008

He's On The Move...and More

No, I'm not pregnant again (thank goodness). The photo is to help illustrate my constant disbelief that this little tiny piece-of-rice-sized thang that grew in me for 9 months is now doing so much more than I ever expected. He's turning more and more into a boy everyday. It's really quite amazing. Downside is that all this new development means that he's too excited about stuff to sleep as much as he should, but I'm hoping that too shall pass.

It really is so cool that he is:

  • crawling! (especially chasing the kitties all over the house)
  • eating cherios (1 of every 5 even fed to himself by himself)
  • babbling (more dada than mama, an occassional uh-oh, and eeeeeee for kitty)
  • looking more and more like his daddy everyday
  • playing with the TV remote control and staring expectantly at the screen
  • standing up holding on to the couch, crib rail, or cool singing block that our friends Sharon and Milos got him.
  • looking at the appropriate person or thing when prompted with "Where's X?"
  • waiving bye-bye (not consistently, but enough to bring a crowd in a restaurant lobby into a unified "awwwww...")
  • identifying "nose" on his own and others' faces
  • patting pictures of kitties in animal books before or exclusive of others
  • sticking his tongue out constantly, making his mommy think he might actually get teeth someday
  • focusing in and pointing at the most miniscule piece of dust, dirt, or litter (almost always accompanied by an extended groan)
  • eating yogurt and cream cheese
  • weighing almost 21 pounds
  • getting a real kick out of watching other kids play
  • enjoying library time with Nani (Pushpa) - Man, I just noticed that the Picassa red-eye corrector did a number on Eric and Pushpa's eyes. They generally do not look that creepy.
  • laughing uncontrollably when tickled at the tops of his thighs
  • getting whispy little duck curls on the back of his head

And those are just the good things. I'll leave the bad for another post, I suppose.

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