Thursday, March 19, 2009

Face Forward

I guess it's been a week or so since we've been officially face forward in the carseat in both of our cars, but this is a shot I took with my phone on the day we flipped him around in my car. He seems very pleased, doesn't he?

It is kind of a fresh perspective, I think, and makes it a little easier to see and interact with him from the front, which we better get used to because they say that even when kids are out of their carseats and boosters, they are supposed to ride in the backseat until age 13. (Whatever?!)

I wish the iPhone took better photos so I could zoom in to show you Mr. Toothy Grin. He's really getting some whoppers. And it's really no matter how far apart they may be coming in, the doc says we should start brushing. I did buy the brush, but he really isn't too interested yet. I suppose I should really work on it, though. OK, I'll start Monday (hopefully with more enthusiasm and staying power than my typical Monday-morning diet kick-off).

I'll try to get a better shot of his choppers this weekend when we're in Fort Wayne visiting Grandma. I sure hope he enjoys his 3.5 hours of face-forward fun on the road there and back. I know I won't will.


mrsjtg said...

Jack's eyes were like saucers for the first week he was facing was a whole new world. I couldn't wait to turn Claire, thinking she would be a much happier camper, but not so much with her. It's so much easier for us when they face forward. Way to go Oliver!

christa said...

wait how much does this kid weigh?

BurchCo said...

He's 24 lbs. as of yesterday's 15-month doctors appointment.