Friday, October 9, 2009

Stretch Denim

You may have noticed that I changed the look and feel of The Oliver Chronicles blog earlier in the week. I did this for three main reasons:

  1. I've noticed that I'm rather verbose in my posts and the old layout just made me seem verboser (intentional misuse) because the real estate allocated to the post itself was so narrow. This new layout stretches out to the width of your browser, thus making the post seem shorter and easier to digest. I like this stretch feature. Plus, the template's name is Stretch Denim. Cute.
  2. I wanted an excuse to get you email notification / RSS subscribers to hit the site itself. Figured curiosity over what the heck I'm talking about with this new/old layout business would get you there. There is lots of other content (photos and slide shows and archives) that may interest you on the full site, plus I frequently edit posts after they are published to fix errors or to add a note that didn't occur to me when I originally posted. If you subscribe, you only get the original. C'mon, click on thru: Bookmark it. Make it your home page. Or at least, visit often. And LEAVE COMMENTS. A blogger lives for comments and so many of you are spoiled by the email notifications and feeds that you don't bother to remark or just hit reply instead of commenting for posterity. C'mon, humor me. You can even go back and comment on old posts -- just use the archive links at the right or click OLDER POSTS at the bottom of each set of entries.
  3. As always, change is good. Just mixin' it up over here.

Would love to hear what you think of this new look. Hope you like it.


Danielle said...

You know, I was just thinking... When you have that niece you're going to give me how will you blog about her since this blog is called The Oliver Chronicles? Will you rename it to The Oliver and Violet Chronicles? Or will you just start a separate blog for her?

specialty store services guy said...

I would just like to thank my wonderful wife for taking on the job as family archivist. She does a great job.

mrsjtg said...

Blogs RULE....but yours is the rule-iest (intentional misuse). I LOVE IT!

PS- it would be much easier for people to comment if they didn't have to type in some totally WHACK verification word after their comment. Here is mine today: terehexc. WTF?

Whitlatch Family said...

Always love reading what your family is up to. I need to update my blog more often. I do share with Frank.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful husband to comment on his wonderful wife!! I love the new look. My nephew can do no wrong and I love hearing all of the gory detaqils. Am just wondering when he will be getting into the mischief his mommy did when she was young and if he will seem just as cute!