Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Morning

Oliver woke up as usual asking for his Daddy ("My Daddy! My Daddy! My Daddy!"), but instead got a Happy Birthday duet from both of his loving parents, which did put a smile on his face (not easy, as he can be a bit of a crabby pants first thing in the morning). Daddy had to sneak out for an early appointment, so Mommy threw the rules out the window and:

  1. Provided a lollipop for breakfast per the Prince's request.
  2. Played a whole round of Fun Factory Playdough – mixing the blue and the orange dough and everything.
  3. Dressed him as a Chicago Bear for school – complete with skin-tight airplane underoo's showing through the thin white football pants.
  4. Allowed knee-deep romping in snow outside. (We got 12" in the last 24 hours.)

Bad Mommy. But, Happy Birthday, Monk! More fun to come…

Oh, and this conversation from the distinguished palette of a lollipop connoisseur:

"Oliver, is it good?"
"I like it. I like it."
"What flavor is it?..."
Is it Grape?..."
"What does it taste like?"


As per usual routine, we then used each of Oliver's FOUR toothbrushes to scrub the purple from his teeth. He insists on using each differently colored toothbrush at every brushing session. It's really not a bad technique to cover the odds of actually getting them brushed, but it can take more time than one might want to spend assisting. Pink and yellow and blue and orange. Of late, each one also requires its own serving of toothpaste. Have you tasted that fruity crap they give to kids? Gross.


Danielle said...

Happy birthday, Monk!! Sounds like he's having a great second birthday so far! Good job Mom!

christa said...

try Weleda for kids. It's a light mint/spearmint no flouride. but he might be hooked on the fruity stuff already