Friday, August 13, 2010

True Love

Warning: Cheezy Mom Love content featured.

So I'm taking Oliver to school this morning, a beautiful day and had just talked to the contractors who are putting together my kitchen today, so I was feeling very pleased and caffeinated. I look back in my Eddie Bauer see-your-kid clip-on rearview mirror. And distorted as he was, the boy was so cute just eating his raisins and pointing out the Cherry Pickers that seem to live in a school lot we pass every day.

With a deep breath and sigh, I decide to give the boy a sincere: "Oliver, I love you so much."

His response: "Look! A digger truck *on* a flatbed truck!"

Yep. True Love.

1 comment:

Leanne Frank said...

It is true love... a boy and his trucks. You're just the mom.