Monday, February 23, 2009

Winning Numbers: 02-30-04-12-05-03

Maybe it's worth trying to win the lottery with those numbers. Maybe they're cursed. Certainly feels that way as I am beginning to crash this afternoon after a long night of multiple wake-ups with The Monk -- 2:30, 4:12, 5:03. I mean, WTH?!

I suppose we can't really trust the numbers anyway since they're all based on my foggy half-asleep memory. I don't know what's up with the kid. We had him into the pediatrician again on Saturday, who said we are the winners of the Mega Millions Virus Lottery. He's getting one on top of the other from daycare, it seems, and just can't seem to catch a break. Poor kid!

Actually, he was much better on Sunday, when we had brunch at Jim and Dawn's with Sharon and Milos -- nice time. No crying or barfing or anything of the sort. And we learned that he really likes chocolate donut holes (I mean, who doesn't?)

Anyway, I digress... just wanted to moan and groan a bit about my desire to get a full night's sleep sometime soon. I actually have some sort of plan assembled in my head that involves early-morning workouts at a nearby gym. Of course, when I ran that hypothetical against this morning's circumstance, it didn't look too promising. A 5:00 baby-soothing session does not bode well for a 6:00 treadmill session. Oh well... maybe next week.

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mrsjtg said...

I LOVE your lottery number picks. I think it makes tons of sense. I can't wait for you to WIN, and then explain your strategy on Chicago's local news. Then once the word is out, you will be on The Today Show, and GMA. When will it end! (Cracked up at the Laverne and Shirley flashback!)