Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Fun from Daddy

So, I'm having a leisurely morning this morning, with a welcome reprieve in workload until a new SOW gets signed (that's statement-of-work for you non-consulting types, not anything having to do with that nasty flu). It's raining and gloomy outside, so I decide to cheer myself up with a proper breakfast.

I chopped up the leftover grilled vegetables from dinner last night -- red, yellow and green peppers, eggplant, zuchinni, and onions (we had chicken fajitas) -- and put them in a pan with some eggs. Let it cook until almost done, then sprinked some cheese on and threw it in a 350-degree oven to cook for the last 5 minutes and get a little fluffy. YUM! I even emailed a picture of it (at left) to Eric just to make him jealous. Beats toast and jam, I think.

"So how is any of that More Fun from Daddy?" you ask in reference to this post's title. Well, he left behind some evidence of fun-having in the kitchen, you see. When I got the pot-holder out of the drawer to use in retrieving the frittata (that's what fancy people call my concoction) out of the oven, I was greeted with this:

Eric had put masking-tape eyes on the pot-holder to use as a hand-puppet in entertaining Oliver. So great. Of course, while "so great" was my first thought, my second thought was -- crap, how is this going to manifest when Oliver is 3 and requires much more than a hand-puppet for entertainment. I'm imagining the entire living room transformed into a cushion-fort for a start or a public-art-sized adventure with Crayola. Eric's creativity really knows no bounds, so I may be doomed. I mean, if a simple Huggies box can be so easily transformed into a herky-jerky hardwood floor rollercoaster ride like it was earlier this week, then I'm definitely in trouble.

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