Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Word of the Day: Bay-buh

Oliver's vocabulary is expanding -- and ever changing. I started this post a couple weeks ago when his most-identifiable word was "Bay-Buh," meaning bagel, which he wanted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, alas, time has passed since then and he's not nearly as obsessed. The bay-buh is definitely still one of the favorite food groups, though, and we make sure to always have some on hand.

He doesn't vocalize the Cinnamon Raisin part, but that is undoubtedly his preferred flavor. He didn't go for the blueberry I bought last week in a pinch. He does know, though, that they are kept on top of the fridge and points and grunts in that direction often. I know he shouldn't have them for every meal, but I usually give in if he's already eaten some semblance of protein or fruits/veggies. For awhile there, I thought he might turn into a bagel.

I still feel like he's on the verge of adding a bunch of new words to his vocabulary, but for now, there is still a lot of babbling and mamama and dadada with multiple and varied meanings therein. I'd blog about more of them, but some are just too difficult to map out phonetically, especially his other favorite food: CHEESE! (In this case, he is the product of his parents genetic make-up and predisposed to a love of cheese. Although, I suppose nurture plays a role, too, since we always have cheese around.)

Oliver's word for cheese is kind of a chhhh sound, but made by holding the teeth in clenched position and loosly pushing air through on either side of the tongue. It's a very difficult thing to depict phonetically -- kind of like letting the air out of a tire-sound, but just kind of -- and I have yet to be on-the-ball with the video camera. I have yet to give up either. I probably just need to set him up. Me with the camera. Daddy slowly opening the fridge to show Oliver the inside of the door where we keep the good stuff -- Processed American Cheese slices -- YUM!


mrsjtg said...

Is there much better than processed cheese slices? NOT!!! Have you not introduced him to balls of "Dough"? Pull all the crust off of white bread, and squeeze it into a ball? C' have to remember those good times! Sleepovers in the office/back room, and rading the kitchen for white bread.

BurchCo said...

Hilarious! I totally remember balls of dough. How or why we thought that was a delicacy, I'll never, know. Kids today, with all their whole-grain goodness, will never know our wonder with fistfuls of schmooshed "dough." Such a shame.

christa said...

if you haven't tried wonder bread lately... don't. it's awful. i'm not sure what it is but it's not bread. i wonder...boy have the taste buds changed. :)