Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ahhhh, California!

We got back from our 11 day vacation to California just a few short weeks ago (Aug. 3), but it seems like a lifetime ago, really. It's crazy how time flies. But the memories are still sharp. We had the best time! It was the ideal vacation with a perfect balance between rest and activity (that's always our goal, especially with a little one in tow) and we were so lucky to see so many friends and family. Perfect. We made the rounds all over Northern Calilfornia, even making a stop in Napa for mommy's 20-year high-school reunion.

It was such a great vacation, each leg unique on its own, so I think I'll share the details of each experience in separate posts. In the meantime, I thought I'd share my awe at how much Oliver has changed in just a year's time. Every time I download a new batch of photos from the camera, I end up taking a trip down memory lane looking at older albums on my laptop. I always say that this is one of the main benefits of digital photos. Otherwise, I don't know if I'd ever look at older photos. So anyway, I found this photo in the CALI08 folder -- from our trip to California last year. Wow has that baby grown up!

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