Monday, August 24, 2009

High Hand

Looking at all these photos of our trip, I just can't get over how much ground we covered and what a great time we had just being in each and every moment (a rarity for me as an overbooked, chronic planner). But in that regard, it was very yogic to be so very present. And in that spirit, how appropriate that this post is about our visit with my dear friend Colleen and her beautiful family, since (a) Colleen is a fantastic and committed yoga instructor and (b) it was her yoga that brought her within reach for a visit in Loomis near where we had been staying.

On a warm Sunday morning, after their 2-hour-straight drive from the Bay Area, Colleen, hubby Steve, Jake and Samantha met us at this beautiful nursery and cafe called High Hand. I'd never seen a place like this -- part botanic garden (except everything is for sale), part organic cafe, part fair trade market, and part art gallery (although I didn't get to see this part). We had a lovely breakfast, complete with $8 mimosas, and then let the kids run around the nursery, where all of them took to the fish pond that had these huge koi to be fed. (The nice gardener gave us some food and everything.) Oliver was especially drawn to all of the fountains and water features. The kid loves wa-er, wa-er, buh-buh-buh (where the latter is his sign -- fingers strumming lips -- for water).

Oliver got to know Colleen a little better (since the last time he saw her the only interaction he was really capable of was accepting a bottle and subsequently spitting up on her). She's very patient, that Colleen, especially as Oliver wanted to explore and touch everything in sight. And he warmed right up to Sammy who offered him delicious strawberry ice. YUM (and so cute)! Jake brought him an awesome dinosaur, which he was pretty afraid of right away, but after another week with it as our roadtrip companion, he grew fond and even somewhat attached.

Steve and the kids were able to hang out with us back in Lincoln while Colleen did her yoga thang in Roseville, which was so nice, too, but more on that later. In a nutshell -- great location, great visit, and grate-ful that the Millens were able to make it!

Oh, and I suppose that picture of Eric warrants commentary, but I think I'll let it speak for itself. Ew (not so coincidentally the man's initials).

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